• New winning bot
 • Level 30 Accounts

Check out for the new bot. Plays each champion individually with items, spells and behavior and wins most games.

Test for free without time limitation up to level 10.

Welcome to Lolbandit Bot

Lolbandit Bot is a very easy and comfortable bot to level up accounts in League of Legends.

You can use it to level up your smurf accounts or to level up referral accounts to gain rewards in the Refer-A-Friend system.

Global use

You can run bots from different computers with one global accountlist.

Easy setup

Just download the bot, enter your account details and you are ready to go.


Let your bots play together with bots of other Lolbandit users (Botexchange) or just with your own bots.


The bot automatically updates itself while running when there is a new version available.


Works on all Riot servers (EUW, EUNE, NA, TR, BR, OCE, RU, LAN, LAS). Automatically changes the server according to the leveling account.

Free trial

You can test the bot for free for 6 hours to see if it works.

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